Ramone Corrado

Father of the Corrado family.

Ramone Corrado is an architect currently set to board the Ocalus on its trip to the Mwangi Expanse. Ramone was not raised with a traditional Varisian upbringing, and spent most of his life attending boarding schools and university in Almas, Andoran.

Upon graduating with a degree in architecture, he returned home to Varisia and eventually married his childhood friend Claudia. They had a son, Elan, seven years ago, and are hoping to start a new exciting life in the Expanse. Ramone has accepted a contract by the Aspis Consortium to design a new district within Bloodcove, and plans on raising his family there.

Unfortunately, the trip aboard the Ocalus proved too much to handle for the Corrados. The event with the demiplane box left Ramone’s son Elan poisoned and near death. Ramone decided, along with his wife, to leave the Ocalus when it stopped for supplies on Mediogalti Island. They plan on boarding a new ship when their son fully recovers, and eventually make their way to Bloodcove.

Ramone Corrado

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